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There is the Crawl Budget

There is the Crawl Budget

Crawl Budget

Is there a Crawl Budget? If you have come this far looking for the definition of Crawl Budget, this is not your website, I assure you. You will find hundreds or thousands of SEO's that "explain" to you what it is and what it is "supposed to exist for."

This is where I want to get there, is there the Crawl Budget, or is it merely an invention of SEOs, that we have invented to measure in our mind the ways and times that the Google bot uses to index the content of our web ?. 

Those algorithms, those equations that Google manipulates every day and that are supposed to be "the time that Google spends crawling our website," the heads of those of us who dedicate ourselves to search engine optimization and web optimization grates on our heads, and they are creating a discipline with an importance that is magnified every day, and that is based unfortunately and in large part, on the game of cat and mouse to which the internet giant has accustomed us.

There is the Crawl Budget

Honestly, and on a personal level, I think NO, There is no Crawl Budget. The crawl budget would only make sense when Google appreciates a massive amount of changes on a website with a massive number of URLs, in which it finds no choice but to put more time for its robots to index because it is always looking for the possibility of finding a RELEVANT and ORIGINAL content for your clients.

When it comes to tracking budget, I laugh, not for nothing but because of common sense. Who can put on the table how Google's algorithms work? Except for some aspects that we drop in each update and others that are perceptible.

My experience tells me that when content that is genuinely valid and unique to Google is dumped into Search Console, it does not take half an hour to index and rank it. And the funny thing is that it is straightforward to test it.

Make a website without any relevance, with 590 URLs of the subject you want, and that is repetitive, not relevant, and there is already a similar content on the network or duplicate content,

Google will not give it much importance, and therefore it should not spend a lot of budget on crawling, nor will it be high in its ranking, right? Now, on that same website, create a single URL that is impressive, and that takes over a niche that does not exist, you will see if Google dedicates time to it, and in less than half an hour, you are in the first position.

Where to go here Crawl Budget?  How can mere mortals measure tracking the budget is supposed to dedicated Google to each web?

I think the concept is correct, but not the term. Instead of Crawl Budget, it should be called Crawl Quality Budget or quality tracking budget.

I affirm all this because I just proved it in the following way.

It took me 55 minutes to write this article that does not reach 600 words. Twenty minutes to optimize this URL and another 5 to index it in Search Console. After 3 minutes, Google has ranked it 26th for the keyword «Crawl Budget» ...

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