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Google Search Console has stopped INDEXING manually !!!

Google Search Console has stopped INDEXING manually !!!

"Page actions are temporarily disabled"
Page actions are temporarily disabled

Unreleased, Google has blocked manual indexing requests in Search Console.

The new Google Search Console update of October 14, 2020, has been why right now, it cannot be indexed manually from the essential and magnificent console of the internet giant.

Their statement on Twitter and I suppose that to try to reassure all webmasters, they affirm that their robots will continue to automatically index the new changes and the new content dumped on the network.

The last time this happened, Google had us about two months without entirely using one of its star tools.
October 14, ongoing
The "Request Indexing" feature of the URL Inspection Tool has been disabled in order to make some technical updates. We expect it to be re-enabled in the coming weeks. In the meanwhile, Google continues to find and index content through our regular methods

This situation is due to a profound change in the algorithms.

Google is fixing some bugs. They have not given many details from official sources. We already know the secrecy displayed by those responsible.

So far, the only exact thing is the indexing problems that creatives and developers have been having for a few months now, of pages by Google.

Could it be that the infinity of content that is being uploaded at full speed and exponentially is choking Google?

Google Search Console has stopped URL Inspection tool 10 of 2020

It is known that the webmasters and SEO's are responsible for the indexing requests of Google Search Console reaching the SERP; and as soon as possible.

Will you have to see the CRISIS of COVID'19 and the use given to the information uploaded to the internet by the minute exponentially?

I do not know, what is clear is that at the moment and it seems that for too long a period, which is going to harm those of us who make a living with this very negatively, Google has taken over at a stroke and without prior notice, one of the buttons most used in our profession; and that if we were talking about a car, it would be the key to start it.

Google Search Console has stopped URL Inspection tool 10 of 2020

Now we can know more about the Crawl Budget.

Can we now know how this affects the Crawl Budget? These days, we are seeing that this change affects the time Google spends for each website to appear in its index since automatic indexing is taking too long to do its job.

In the end, we can only deduce that to get a higher Crawl Budget on your website. You have to force it; With which in the end, what we wrote in this article a few months ago, is correct; With which the term Crawl Budget (or "crawl budget") is not well defined.

I still think that this budget has to be earned and that Google and depending on which algorithm, "gives" more time to some sites than to others, can also be forced.

We hope to get back to work soon.

As a consolation, they leave us a disturbing message where they tell us that normal indexing will continue to work.

The fact is that the little information and opinions on blogs and experts from the sector of the big brands that are found on this subject in the search engine tell us that the indexing engine and Google algorithms are working at least, to half gas, not to say that they are also unemployed.

We will dare to predict that what we are writing now will take a long time to see the light in the search engine.

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