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Very Nice Washable Fabric Fashion Face Masks to go out in Style

Very Nice Washable Fabric Fashion Face Masks to go out in Style

Masks have been reinvented and have already become the essential basic fashion accessory to compliment our looks.

Very Nice Washable Fabric Fashion Face Masks to go out in Style

The masks have become part of our day today, and it is no wonder. Since the coronavirus crisis broke out, and during confinement, masks became one of the basic tools to avoid possible infections.

Now that we have started to pick up something from our previous routine and go out more, having this accessory is more important than ever. And so it will be for quite some time. 

fashion face masks

Fortunately, the masks are now available to everyone in supermarkets and pharmacies, and, curiously, they are also beginning to be available in all colors and patterns to combine with our looks.

The influencers and celebrities have succumbed to the temptation of getting different masks to complete their outfits, and Instagram is giving a good account of it.

fashion face masks

Besides the homemade masks that can be made with fabrics of different patterns, stores are beginning to fill up with eye-catching and original options, which we can wash and reuse. Before you discover the selection of reusable masks that we have found on websites like Etsy, Amazon, or Boohoo, consider how a mask should be used and how you can disinfect it at home.

Reusable cloth masks are hygienic type masks. They are the masks recommended by the Ministry of Health for the healthy population without symptoms of coronavirus. It is a complementary protection measure to keep your distances and wash your hands frequently.

There are also disposable paper masks. If you have had symptoms of the disease or have been in contact with someone who does, it is recommended to use medical masks, surgical ones. They are the white and blue ones that they sell you in the pharmacy. They serve to avoid infecting others.


The use of the mask is mandatory in some cases, such as in public transport, for example, but you have to know how to use them to do their job, and we are truly protected and protecting others. Health authorities recommend:

  • Wash your hands before putting it on.
  • Cover mouth, nose, and chin at all times.
  • Do not touch it.
  • Discard it if it is NOT reusable.
  • Remove it using the rubber bands and then rewash your hands.


There are several correct ways, the two simplest are:

  • With normal detergent and water between 60º and 90º in the washing machine (normal cycle).
  • Immerse the masks in a 1:50 dilution of bleach with water for 30 minutes and then wash with soap and water, rinse and allow to dry.

Now, do not miss the collection of masks of various colors and patterns to combine with your favorite clothes of the new season. Protected and fashionable! Since we have to take them to be pretty, right? 

fashion face masks

100% cotton black mask

Completely black and basic but very comfortable and combinable. It is made of 100% pure cotton fabric lined with soft cotton jersey.

fashion face masks

Colored mask

This mask is handmade and is very cute. The pink color, combined with the floral print, makes it striking but not excessive.

fashion face masks

Polka dot mask

What is it about the polka dot pattern that we always fall in love with? In all kinds of garments and accessories, and even in a mask! 

fashion face masks

Animal print mask

Other classic prints that are always flirty, leopard masks are also one of the most requested these days.

fashion face masks

Patterned mask

Black and basic but with a motif to give it a different point. 

fashion face masks

Red mask

With a washable and reusable fabric and a very cool, deep red color. We like its minimalist design.

fashion face masks

Customizable mask

You can name it and personalize it! So that there is no mess at home.

fashion face masks

Juana Martín design mask

The designer Juana Martín has launched her reusable, hygienic masks made with 100% organic cotton.

fashion face masks

Cherubini's designer masks

The Cherubini firm has launched its masks with different patterns and sells them in packs, this is the three. You choose two patterns, and the third is random. Very beautiful and supportive, since each unit sold, a surgical mask will sign it.

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