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Free Blogger Templates Download For Adsense

Free Blogger Templates Download For Adsense

Free Blogger Templates Download For Adsense

Free Blogger Templates Download For Adsense - Choosing among the many free blogger templates is one of the most important things to do when we start with the task of choosing a blog. The design will be the cover letter and the first thing they will notice when they enter our website.

Suppose you use Blogger as a content manager. In that case, you may have noticed that despite having many predesigned templates in the Blogger catalog, they do not have enough functionalities or the resources that we need for our project.

Faced with this, there are free blogger templates made by third parties, which offer us a better design, many more functionalities, and unlimited configuration options that will help us to have a better prepared, more decent, and elegant blog. It should also be noted that the vast majority of them (if not all) have essential characteristics: responsive design and optimized SEO.

But why is downloading responsive blogger templates the best option for a blogger? Can a blogger template help me with my blog SEO? Stay until the end that I will be giving you a collection of the best free blogger templates for Adsense.

Why are responsive blogger templates so important?

responsive blogger templates

Responsive design on a website has become one of the essential topics to highlight in search engines. Google penalizes those websites that do not have a responsive design for mobile.

If you think about it, it is logical that it should be done that way, because if I were a user, the experience on both computer and mobile devices should be the same. And since always, Google has known how to put what the user wants above what the webmaster has.

Optimized SEO Blogger Templates?

Optimized SEO Blogger Templates
SEO Optimized Free Blogger Templates 2020

An attractive design and a responsive theme is the first thing we think about when choosing a template, as we want to capture the attention of new readers or potential clients. For that, they first have to find us.

Whether it is a blog or a website, a well-known site, or one without many readers, SEO is one of the most important things when starting a web project and maintaining it. The idea is the same: get noticed.

Many users often make the same mistake. Think about SEO optimization after launching your website or blog. Unfortunately, and because of that, such sites end up being built with many errors, which in turn makes it difficult for Google to find and index your site. As a result, people don't see your site in search results. They don't find it.

Collection of the best free, responsive, and SEO optimized blogger templates of 2020

Both features are linked. A blogger theme is not fully SEO optimized if it is not responsive. And a responsive theme is an essential feature for good SEO.

Without further ado, below, you will see a collection of more than 20 free, responsive, and SEO optimized Blogger templates. Some of them have premium versions (paid), which unlock all their "pro" features that will help your site not only aesthetically.


free blogger template

Sora SEO

Blogger Templates seo

A little tip when downloading free blogger templates

It is always good to download them from the official website of the creator. This in order to avoid downloading templates that have been "retouched", in addition, if in case you want to buy the premium version, I suppose that it goes without saying that the owners of Blogger templates are 100% reliable and can give you support at any time .

The websites to download free Blogger templates can be easily identified in the template's demo credits (in the footer credits), you can also "google it" and see if all the websites match the same source.

That is why in bloggerpost.my.id we link you directly to the official websites.

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