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How to make homemade hand sanitizer gel?

How to make homemade hand sanitizer gel?

For the liquid to be effective it must have at least 60% alcohol.

How to make homemade hand sanitizer gel

The fear of the coronavirus (covid-19) and the flu are two of the main reasons why millions of people around the world have gone to stores, pharmacies, and para pharmacies to stock up on hygiene and prevention items such as soap, wipes, masks, handkerchiefs and hand sanitizer, causing a shortage of many of these products.

The main object of desire, next to the masks, is undoubtedly the hand sanitizer liquid. This item is so sought after that major distributors are facing excess demand that is impossible to sustain.

This has caused many of these people to find themselves in the situation of having to look for other alternatives, such as the possibility of making a homemade hand sanitizer gel. 

How to make homemade hand sanitizer gel?

The Internet, the main source of inspiration for many, is full of recipes and tutorials for making homemade liquid hand sanitizer. However, for hand sanitizer gel to be effective, it must be at least 60% alcohol.

Basic ingredients include isopropyl alcohol, aloe vera gel, water, or liquid soap. A concentration of aloe vera of 30% is useful if you have sensitivity in the hands; to protect her.

To make a homemade hand sanitizer gel, you need:

  • A measuring bottle of
  • 1/3 liter Aloe vera gel
  • 2/3 Isopropyl alcohol
  • 8 or 10 drops of lavender essential oil (Optional - you can choose another).
  • Spoon
  • Funnel
  • Bowl

Step by step: The procedure is as simple as mixing and integrating all the ingredients in a bowl. Once this is done, we will use the funnel to fill the liter measuring container with the hand sanitizer gel.

WHO recommendations

It is important to remember that hand sanitizer is not a substitute for proper handwashing with soap and water. The  World Health Organization (WHO)  suggests using household hand sanitizer in places where clean water is not available or where medical-grade sanitizing products are not available.

Also, the effectiveness of this product depends on its correct application. In this sense,  the WHO recommends applying the disinfectant gel over the hand's entire surface, rubbing palm to palm, placing the right hand on the left, and interlocking the fingers. Do the same with the other hand. Finally, remember to rub your thumbs and wait for it to dry.

For greater effectiveness, it is best to wash your hands with soap and water, especially if they are visibly dirty, and finish by applying hand sanitizer gel.

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